FullFibre Announces New Partnership

    with Internet Service Provider IDNet

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    Posted on: November 9, 2022

    Wholesale network provider FullFibre are set to partner with internet service provider IDNet.

    Specialising in business broadband services, including leased lines/DIA as well as providing residential options, IDNet also offer layer 3 services to local IT businesses in addition to other partners.

    For FullFibre’s B2C brand Fibre Heroes, this means that end users will have yet another high-quality choice when it comes to choosing who will provide their residential broadband.

    IDNet became the UK’s first B Corp internet service provider, this means the company meets high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

    IDNet is also independently rated by ThinkBroadband as one of the fastest, most resilient, and best supported networks in the UK.

    Speaking about this new partnership, FullFibre’s Head of Wholesale Matt Baker said:

    “FullFibre is really pleased to be able to announce our partnership with IDNet.  It is really exciting times from both a roll out perspective but also connecting customers. IDNet share a common passion for improving the internet services for communities and we are really looking forward to serving both Business and Residential customers with them.“

    IDNet Director Tim Davies said:

    “Partnering with FullFibre is the next step for us at IDNet. Being able to reach customers that we previously deemed unreachable is the obvious benefit from this partnership, but moreover their expertise and support was immediately clear from our initial conversations.

    We’re extremely excited for this partnership.“

    IDNet joins the extensive list of FullFibre partners who are aiming to connect residents and businesses in historically underserved areas of the UK.

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