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    Posted on: November 7, 2022

    We often try and showcase the benefits of full fibre broadband and the value that an FTTP internet connection can bring to you, your family and your business.

    But with all of our educational pieces drawing on different sources of data, we wanted to compile the list of all of the benefits that a full fibre broadband comes with.

    Environmental Benefits

    There are many benefits for the environment if you are to have a full fibre network.

    Creation of Fibre Cables

    Gaining the resource for copper networks negatively contributes to the environment.

    Digging for copper resources impacts natural habitats, affects plant life and brings acid rain due to the sulphur dioxide used in the process.

    On the contrary, fibre optic cables are made from silicon dioxide, or as you may know it as sand. It is already easily accessible and readily available to turn into broadband networks.

    Running a Fibre Network

    Fibre optic cables, due to their efficiency in data transmission, require far less power to run on a day-to-day basis.

    Copper networks, due to generating more heat and requiring more power to ensure the data can reach the furthest point in the network, must have large data networks constantly running just to ensure the upkeep of performance.

    Save on Energy Bills

    FTTP (or a full fibre network) actually is the most energy efficient type of broadband. With this it means that they need less Points of Presence which essentially means that it has less active elements in different locations.

    You are using a lot less energy which means that the power of running the network is further decreased.

    For you, it also means that, because you require less power, your energy bills can cost less.

    Dig Once

    After a fibre optic network has been placed, it is highly unlikely that it will need to be replaced again. The technology is the backbone to the future and there are no further developed technologies that can surpass a fibre network.

    Once it has been put in, it won’t be replaced again and the environmental impacts of digging is vastly reduced.

    Benefits Directly Related to You

    What are the noticeable benefits that you will see on a day to day basis?

    Internet Speeds

    The obvious immediate benefit you will notice is the increased internet speed. The difference is staggering. It is gigabit capable meaning that it can reach 1000Mbps.

    For context, the national average is 50.4Mps. The numbers speak for themselves.

    No Buffering

    You’ll notice that there is significantly less buffering when it comes to streaming, gaming and loading video content.

    This means you’ll be able to watch the content you or your family wants to watch without the hassle of the dreaded loading wheel.

    No Peak Hours

    On copper networks, you may notice during the evening, when more people are trying to use the internet, that the connection seems to slow down despite being normal throughout the day.

    This is because you have entered ‘peak hours’ where everybody is trying to use the network.

    The existing bandwidth can’t cope with the amount of data in demand.

    If you have a full fibre network, this problem is no more.

    Multi Device Use

    Following on from the multiple users, you can also house more ‘smart’ objects throughout your home without the worry of affecting connection.

    Smart TV’s, watches, fridges (even mugs!) can now have a seamless connection to ensure your day-to-day life is less hassle.

    Higher Quality Online Calls

    Highlighted thanks to the pandemic, the need for online calls to connect with loved ones is paramount.

    When on these calls, you won’t need to worry about your internet connection not being able to keep up with the call.

    The quality will be so high, it almost feels like your friends and family are in the room with you.

    Quality of WFH

    The recent shift to working from home (WFH) has opened a lot of homeowners’ eyes to the true quality of their connection.

    Full fibre networks allow for a dramatic increase in work quality – as if you never left the office.

    Quicker Download/Upload

    A full fibre network will allow you to download and upload large files quicker, export large documents, send email attachments and more a lot quicker than you currently do.

    It will streamline your workflow.

    Leverage Smart TV’s

    Smart TVs are starting to enter every household.

    With the ability to connect to the internet being an obvious benefit, your full fibre network will be able to cater for the demand of the streaming, downloading and loading of movies/TV shows/videos and more.

    Reliable Connection

    Copper networks can often be overworked and cause an outage without there being any damage to the network.

    When this happens, you lose your internet connection at the most important times.

    Fibre optic cables can’t get overworked, they don’t overheat and if there is a break in the network, it is easily identifiable and an easier fix.

    You receive a much more reliable and consistent connection when switching to a full fibre network.

    Synchronous Speeds

    Synchronous speeds is when the download and upload speeds match. Whilst we mentioned the download speed before, what we didn’t mention is that your upload speed dramatically increases to match your download speed.

    Usually, your download speed is far greater than your upload speed so this is a real benefit.

    By having greater upload speeds, you can share your data with the internet a lot quicker (think uploading photos, livestreaming).

    Improve Gaming Experience

    For all of the gamers, a full fibre network provides a quicker response time to help improve your performance.

    Also, downloading of updates and new games will no longer take several hours, but just mere minutes.

    Online Shop, Stream, Browse Quicker

    If you’re aiming for the sale, new collection drop or even just the latest blockbuster, a full fibre network will allow you to access online platforms at a much quicker rate than you currently do.

    Increase your House Price

    Nowadays, with the importance of a great internet connection apparent, the price of your house can actually increase by up to £5,000 just for having a access to a full fibre network.

    It seems like a no brainer investment if you are looking to add value to your home.

    Future Benefits

    Can help Boost Economic Growth

    By having a full fibre network, a chain reaction of events are able to occur.

    Less people move to the bigger cities and stay in rural areas due to not chasing the fast internet areas.

    More residents in rural areas mean more local business for shops.

    More shops making money allows them to improve infrastructure and look of shops.

    A nicer looking town can have improved tourism.

    Improved tourism can bring in more money to the council to improve local amenities.

    All of this from an full fibre network; who knew?

    Many Benefits to Full Fibre Broadband

    As you can see, the list of benefits of full fibre broadband are plentiful. There are a lot of pros to consider when you are thinking about your next broadband connection.

    To check your full fibre availability, use our postcode checker or if you have any other enquiries please get in touch using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!






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