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We’re nothing without our sidekicks or in this case our internet service providers.

Whilst we build the lightning-fast networks that defeat your internet woes, our incredible partners unlock the powers in your home and get you connected. So why not see what superpowers they have on offer?

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We are gigabit capable, meaning our speeds are up to 20x faster than the UK average!* See how yours compares.

* Uk average download speeds of 50mbs according to Ofcom.

More than 130 towns.

And counting. Fibre Heroes are defeating your internet woes by bringing our lightning-fast, full fibre broadband to poorly connected towns.

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Our Fibre Heroes partner with the best providers to bring ultrafast broadband to your home.

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If you aren’t within your contract’s minimum terms, then you’re free to switch broadband providers. If you are, you can still change your provider but there could be a cancellation fee and you may need help from our Fibre Heroes.

Give your current provider a call to check if you’re unsure.

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Choose a Package

Check out our ISP partners to see what deals/packages they offer.

Can’t decide? Don’t fret, just register your details with us and one of our heroes can match you with your perfect partner, the Robin to your Batman, the hammer to your Thor, or perhaps the Lois to your Clarke.

Got a question for us?

What is a “Full Fibre” connection?
A full fibre or a FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) connection means a fibre optic cable runs from a cabinet straight to your house without relying on copper cables.
How long does an installation take?
An installation usually takes anywhere between 2-3 hours. Each installation is unique however so we always ensure a clean, high-quality install over everything.
I already have fibre, how is yours any different?
Full fibre involves a fibre optic cable running from a cabinet, a green metal box you may have seen in your area, straight to your house. In comparison, the average fibre connection involves less efficient copper cables that are limited when it comes to internet speed and reliability
I’m in a contract, can I switch?
You can switch out of your existing contract, but this may come with some early exit fees if you're mid-contract. Speak to your provider for further details.