The Community Investment Fund is here to help build stronger communities by
investing in local causes in towns where our latest, full fibre network is rolling out.

What is the Community Fund?

Local charities and organisations can request funding from Fibre Heroes to support digital projects that contribute to the health and wellbeing of their community.

The scope is broad and we are focusing on small scale niche projects. We encourage interested applicants to use their imagination about the types of digital projects the grant could be used for: people, places, the local environment etc.

If you’re unsure about your idea, feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your ideas. We will liaise with you to see if it is a good fit.

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Tier 1

Up to £250

Looking to boost a small initiative quickly? You could receive up to £250 to bring it to life!

Tier 2

Up to £1,000

Wanting to make a significant difference to your town? Let’s see how we can work together to build something great!

Tier 3

Over £1,000

Looking to impact generations to come? By qualifying for our Tier 3 applications, there could be a chance we make national shockwaves.

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If you live in one of our build towns, you automatically qualify for consideration for a grant from the Community Investment Fund. To remind yourself of where we are building, see our extensive list below:




Greater Manchester









South Yorkshire



West Yorkshire


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What the Community Investment Fund can support

The CIF has been established to support good causes in the towns where Fibre Heroes operate. We are focusing on supporting small scale niche projects and supporting any activities that involve people in these communities that uses digital technology to either:


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Improve the provision of services and support to the community

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Enhance community activities or the work of organisations in their community

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Demonstrate the benefits of fast and resilient connectivity to residents or businesses in the community.

Local Charities & Voluntary Groups’ activities

    • Funding to improve the group’s digital presence
    • Funding to create digital assets
    • Funding for software upgrades or extra licenses for staff, volunteers or service users
    • Physical equipment
    • Social Media training
    • Digital Marketing for groups of small businesses supported by Business Improvement Districts, Town Chambers or the local FSB
    • Fundraising campaign training

Digital Projects

    • School based extra-curricular digital projects
    • Reminiscence Projects with elderly people
    • Art Projects – Digital Gallery
    • Video Conferencing training for isolated elderly people
    • On-Line befriending services
    • Stay Safe on-line training
    • IOT projects (sensors and tracking software)
    • Town Centre infrastructure e.g. Wi-Fi (Non-Statutory) or Visitor Information
    • Cultural, Artistic or Historic Interpretation projects using Augmented Reality
    • Digital marketing or resources to support community events

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How do I know if I'm successful?
If your application is successful, the funding you receive is subject to our agreement with you. Your application is approved when we inform you directly, usually by email.
What is the process for receiving funds?
After you have received an email from us letting you know your funding has been approved. We will transfer your grant directly into the bank account provided, which must be in the registered name of your organisation. We aim to make the payment in full within 6 weeks of project approval.