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Get endless entertainment for your every streaming need
with Fibre Heroes’ ultrafast internet.

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Houston, we have a problem… with our streaming connection.

Suffering from buffering? If you’re a bunch of boxset bandits and you can’t get enough of streaming the latest shows,
then it’s time to upgrade your broadband and say “hasta la vista” to patchy internet.

With an ultrafast full fibre connection you will have the best internet speeds for gaming and streaming. Which means
you can watch the latest shows on any of your devices (or all of them, at once) without buffering, or suffering of any kind.

Slow broadband experience
Fibre Heroes experience

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Our Big Streaming Bundle* includes a 12-month subscription to Spotify Family, Netflix, Disney+, Prime and Paramount+ – worth over £600! And did you know that our connection can handle these all streaming simultaneously, keeping the whole family entertained.

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Get in touch and our heroes will help
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I feel the need…the need
for streaming speed!

Our speed checker is a great way to see how your current internet compares to
what is considered to be a good internet speed for streaming.