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Modern life calls for heroic efforts but don’t fret, our Fibre Heroes have got your back. Imagine lightning-fast broadband that never slows you down. Full fibre means you can work, shop, stream, zoom, chat and game with ease, with no battles for bandwidth, buffering or hassle.

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We’re a broadband network builder

Which means our Fibre Heroes don’t directly sell broadband, but we build the network. Instead, we have more than 12 trusted partners who all sell broadband packages on our network for both homes and businesses.

While most broadband network builders target large cities, our Heroes are swooping in to first save the UK’s forgotten underserved towns. We believe no one should be left behind when it comes to the internet. No alleyway, street or residence shall be ignored!

And how does a broadband network work? Well, a network of fibre optic cables not only delivers high-speed data but does so over greater distances, travelling at the speed of light. This adds up to faster download speeds and reliable connections.

When your town is live, our trusted service partners will ensure you receive a full fibre internet connection.

Find out more about our service providers?

Our trusted service providers offer a wide range of packages for families and businesses, all at very competitive prices. Find out more about what they offer and get connected:

Our providers

Why Trust a Fibre Hero?


Our Heroes provide you with all the relevant information about broadband, fibre optic cables, and connectivity.


You can track the progress of your town build so you know exactly when you can expect internet speed quicker than the Flash!


Our Heroes do more than just dig up roads. There is no community job too small and we invest back in the local towns we build in.

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As full fibre broadband network builders, Fibre Heroes are committed to educating and informing those who are confused by the jargon of our industry. Our Heroes inform you about everything FTTP, how we build, and what you can expect from a full fibre connection. By doing so, it allows you to make more thought-out decision in relation to the best broadband for the best price.

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