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    Ups your game

    With the best gaming broadband around, Fibre Heroes delivers an
    ultrafast full fibre connection that makes every game a GG.

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    Improve your Performance and Clutch the Game for the Squad.

    The best broadband for gamers is the fastest one, and Fibre Heroes have got your back with up to 1Gbps download speeds. At that speed you can download your Call of Duty update in 12 minutes and you won’t need to worry about lag, jitters or glitches ever again. Plus, for the serious PC gamers out there, 1Gbps is unmatchable: at that speed the ping and latency will be so low that your gaming experience will be unbeatable.

    So, upgrade your internet connection now to banish lacklustre gaming to the Gulag and sign up for one of the best value-for-money
    broadband services in the UK, with a provider that works for you.

    Lag impacted experience
    Fibre Heroes experience

    Ready to experience the power of fibre broadband?

    Our speed checker is a great way to see how your current internet compares to our speeds. We’ve also introduced our innovative Value per Mbps tool to help you gauge the true value of our fibre broadband service. Simply click the Start button to begin.

    To learn more about our speed checker and value per Mbps tool, please refer to the section below.

    Did you know the average download speed in the UK is only 50.4mbps*
    *UK average download speeds of 50.4mbps according to Ofcom.


    Better than nothing, but far from good.


    A little above Meh.
    You can do more of the traditional gaming because commands sent to the server don’t require a lot, but not much more than that.


    OK, so this is a bit better.
    This is a speed where things can get serious. It is the benchmark of gaming broadband speed and, at the very least, you should aim for this.


    Muuuuuuuch better.
    You’re going to be able to get your new game home and play it within a couple of hours. At this speed your internet can handle multiple devices, data-hungry games, and high-quality graphics. It’s on.


    Your skills have no bounds. At this speed there will be nothing holding you back, and your sole focus should be on absolute domination. You’ll never be AFK again.

    Connecting people
    through Gaming

    LanOps is the ultimate local community that connects people through gaming, delivering an unparalleled experience for fellow gamers!
    LanOps now enjoys a lightning-fast internet connection, all thanks to the support of Fibre Heroes and Gigabit. Say farewell to lag and welcome seamless gaming sessions!




    Which broadband is best for gaming?
    Full fibre broadband - its superior speed offerings means that lag and framerate drops are things of the past. It is more reliable, resulting in less dropouts and it is a great option for the rest of your broadband needs.
    What should I consider when looking for gaming broadband?
    Customer reviews - an abundance of reviews complaining about consistency may demonstrate an unreliable service.
    Does upload speed affect gaming?
    Your upload speed does affect gaming. You are consistently sending data to external servers. Most of the time, the upload speed doesn't need to be as high as download speeds, however, you give yourself more consistency and reliability.
    What is a good download speed for gaming?
    A good download speed for gaming is at least 5Mbps. Now, whilst this sounds easily attainable (which it is), this comes with frequent lag and high latency. For ultimate performance, you will want much higher.