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    Did you know the average download speed in the UK is only 50.4mbps*
    *UK average download speeds of 50.4mbps according to Ofcom.

    Calculating your broadband value:
    cost per Mbps

    Cost efficiency is key in choosing a broadband service. Our Value per Mbps tool, as part of the broadband speed test, helps you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your current broadband plan compared to ours.

    What is value per Mbps?

    Value per Mbps lets you assess the cost-effectiveness of your broadband by calculating the cost per megabit per second, or Mbps. With our Value per Mbps tool, you can compare broadband plans and make informed decisions tailored to your home internet needs.

    How does it work?

    Enter your monthly broadband cost after completing the Broadband Speed Test. Our tool then calculates your cost per Mbps, providing a clear picture of your current broadband value.

    Understanding Upload/Download Speeds and Ping Rate

    Upload speed

    Upload speed is the rate at which your internet connection can send data from your device to the internet. It is crucial for activities such as uploading files, sharing content on social media, video conferencing, and online gaming. If you frequently work with large files, participate in video conferences, or engage in other bandwidth-intensive tasks, a higher upload speed is beneficial to ensure smooth and efficient data transmission.

    Download speed

    Download speed, on the other hand, represents the rate at which your internet connection can retrieve data from the internet to your device. It directly affects activities such as streaming movies and TV shows, downloading files, browsing the web, and online gaming. A higher download speed allows for faster loading times, smoother streaming experiences, and quicker downloads.

    Ping rate

    Ping rate, also known as latency, measures the time it takes for a data packet to travel from your device to a server and back. It is typically measured in milliseconds (ms). Ping rate is crucial for online activities that require real-time interaction, such as online gaming and video conferencing. A lower ping rate indicates a more responsive connection, minimizing delays and ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience. For gamers, a low ping rate is particularly important, as it reduces lag and provides a competitive edge.