How We Build

    We want everybody to benefit from the power of ultrafast broadband that’s why we provide a full fibre coverage network for every premise in our build towns. 80% of the time, this can be done through Openreach’s existing infrastructure of underground ducts and telegraph poles. This means that installing fibre to the premises of each area or town we build in can remain straightforward with minimal disruption.

    There are a handful of limited areas where existing ducts or poles are not available to access. In these areas, we follow the industry-standard process of erecting telegraph poles. It is important to stress that only when there are no realistic alternatives, poles will be erected.

    Once the full fibre network is set up in your area, whether thorough new poles or existing underground ducts, you’re free to contact your preferred network provider. They will arrange a time for one of our engineers to install ultrafast broadband in your home, which usually takes a few hours. The engineer will confirm completion and this is when you can wave goodbye to slow and unreliable internet.

    For a full, visual explanation of the purpose of telegraph poles including why we erect them and the general flexibility of location and access, please watch our informational video.