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    Posted on: November 9, 2022

    Artspace’s ‘Connection’ Themed Digital Art Competition Comes to a Close in Cinderford

    Artspace in Cinderford, in collaboration with network builder Fibre Heroes, ran a recent art competition that has now come to a close with entries from across the country being sent to the Gloucestershire town.

    Cinderford, which recently had it’s broadband infrastructure revamped with the latest full fibre technology, wanted to boast their new capabilities which sparked the collaboration between the network builder and Artspace.

    With ‘Connection’ being the appropriate theme for the competition, two winners have been selected due to the high quality of entrants that had been received from across the country.

    James Johnson-Perkins from Kent and Kara Dummett from Cinderford have been named the winners of the competition as their pieces were deemed to best capture the magic of connection and had the choice of winning an iPad or an Adobe Suite subscription.

    This is a monumental occasion for Cinderford who are now able to reach beyond the Forest of Dean and make connections across the country thanks to their recent infrastructure upgrade.

    Dan Guy, Artspace had this to say:

    “With so many wonderful entries, it was a challenge to pick any winner. We think that all entrants are winners based on the outstanding quality of work we received. Art is a powerful tool and can really connect people in itself. We are proud to have run such a great competition with the collaboration and support from Fibre Heroes.”

    Matt Smith, Head of Public Procurement & Engagement for Fibre Heroes, said:

    “The value of connection is more important than ever given the COVID-19 pandemic. The entrants into the Artspace competition, really captured the broad meaning of ‘connection’ and were able to paint a much better story than I ever could! Congratulations to the winners and thank you for inspiring the rest of Cinderford to connect to the rest of the world.”

    For a full list of the entries into the competition, please visit the Artspace Cinderford website:


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