Fibre Heroes Brings Ultrafast Broadband

    to the Market Town of Cheadle

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    Posted on: November 9, 2022

    The Staffordshire town of Cheadle can now experience full fibre broadband for the first time, thanks to the seamless efforts of Fibre Heroes.

    For the first time, residents and businesses in Cheadle now have access to an unlimited and ultrafast internet connection supplied by the wholesale provider, Fibre Heroes.

    Working with various alternative Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and with little disruption, Fibre Heroes aim to create valuable market competition, and provide ultrafast full fibre broadband to towns that have been previously overlooked.

    Ultrafast broadband in Cheadle means that residents and businesses no longer need to stay with their current provider if they are experiencing constant issues with their internet connection. With full fibre broadband, the town will experience reliable and consistent internet.

    Broadband problems usually include slow download times, interrupted streaming, and poor connection during video calls, which can all be extremely frustrating especially if residents work from home.

    Now, households and businesses alike can rely on undisturbed connection at any time of the day in Cheadle, thanks to Fibre Heroes.

    Counsellor and Cabinet Member for Commercial Matters at Staffordshire County Council, Mark Deaville had this to say:

    “Connecting our communities to full fibre broadband will make a huge difference to day-to-day living, learning and to local businesses.

    “It enables people to live and work efficiently wherever they are and so the county council fully supports the providers carrying out installation. It’s fantastic to see Cheadle and Leek connected.”

    Chris Williams from Fibre Heroes, commented:

    “We hope that this revolutionary technology will make a real difference to the everyday for Cheadle residents and really benefit local businesses. For the first time, this market town has a connection it can count on, which will have a positive knock-on effect on community and the cultural heritage of this town.”

    Fibre Heroes is working hard to connect all areas of Cheadle to make sure everyone can benefit from ultrafast internet. Their work is set to continues across Staffordshire as this message comes on top of their recent announcement in Leek!

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