Fibre Heroes Thrilled to Onboard

    ZYBRE Broadband as its New ISP Partner

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    Posted on: November 9, 2022

    The network provider Fibre Heroes announces ZYBRE as the latest internet service provider to join as a partner to sell broadband services on their newly built network, not only expanding the market but also increasing broadband options for customers, including great TV and gaming packages for all the family.

    ZYBRE currently offers a simple 12-month home broadband contract aimed at those wanting the fastest with some great content. The Gigafast 1Gb package is £44.99 a month, which means customers can download a 6-season box set in under 2 minutes and a 4.5Gb game in a mere 41 secs.

    ZYBRE broadband is perfect for gamers and streamers . The 4K HDR One Box available from ZYBRE also allows customers to conveniently watch their favourite shows all in one place.

    Not only that, but customers will also receive a 12-month ZYBRE Rewards tastecard with every broadband package, enabling customers to receive discounts at thousands of UK restaurants, attractions, cinema trips, and more.

    Head of Wholesale at FullFibre, Matt Baker, said:

    “Our new partnership with ZYBRE is a really positive move for our network. Our rapidly expanding network build is being married with our partner programme growing equally as quick.

    ZYBRE are experts at providing TV and Gaming services over the High Bandwidth internet link FullFibre provide.  This offers consumers in our build towns a very exciting experience and we are pleased to have them onboard.

    The partnership they have with popular real estate website Zoopla also means that those moving properties in the market towns that we serve, will get a clear information about the high speeds they will be able to get in the homes.  With the internet speeds being a key buying question for those moving properties, this is certainly a benefit for all.”

    CEO at ZYBRE, Jonny Robinson, said:

    “It’s currently exciting times for ZYBRE and our new partnership with FullFibre certainly enables us to spread that excitement to the residents within the areas they serve, whilst also offering them something more, not only by way of services but also in terms of value-for-money.

    Our aim since the start has been about helping to make residents life’s easier and more enjoyable, whether it was offering new customers a 12-month tastecard membership to help tackle the rise of living costs or aiding those who are looking to move property, by including a broadband calculator on Zoopla.

    By any means, we’re very pleased to join FullFibre as a partner and progress our future plans and aim into the region.”

    Choice is key when it comes to Fibre Heroes. The announcement of the Zybre partnership means the network builder can help more customers connect to full fibre in underserved areas of the UK.

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