New Fibre Heroes Community Investment

    Fund for over 80 UK towns

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    Posted on: March 22, 2023

    FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes have launched a brand new Community Investment Fund to promote digital connectivity in the UK.

    The Community Investment Fund will be open to both local charities and organisations to request funding for projects that enhance the prosperity and growth of their hometown. The scope of the Fund is broad, and applicants are encouraged to use their imagination about the types of projects that could be funded.

    This could be a significant investment tool for local communities, and to access funding, potential recipients can apply here, providing details of the activity, the scope to support local people and the location of their project.

    The first project to be approved is the Badsey & Aldington Community Computer Club, which supports people in the Badsey and wider Evesham area to learn how to use the internet. The money raised from FullFibre’s Community Investment Fund will enable the club to buy new equipment and increase the support they can provide to the local community.

    Councillor Alan Tutton comments, “It is brilliant to have access to a fund that is designed solely to support local communities, and we are so pleased to be the first project approved for funding. This grant will now enable us to reach out to more individuals around the Evesham area and support them in building up their skills and confidence when using the internet”.

    Matt Smith, Head of Public Procurement and Engagement at FullFibre, comments, “Every project is individually assessed, and we will do our best to put the Community Investment Fund to good use: to make sure it benefits as many of the 80 plus towns that we are active in as we can”.

    Oliver Helm, CEO at FullFibre also comments, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Community Investment Fund. This is a real force for good and a brilliant opportunity for us to get more involved with the communities we are working in.

    “Investing in building digital capacity and better connectivity, whatever that looks like, is a very exciting place to start a project. I’m genuinely looking forward to receiving our first set of applications, and we can’t wait to get started”.

    For further information on the criteria and available funding for the Fibre Heroes Community Investment Fund, please visit:

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