The Town of Evesham Connects to

    Full Fibre Broadband Thanks to Fibre Heroes

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    Posted on: November 9, 2022

    FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes are connecting thousands of Evesham residents to ultrafast broadband.

    Both residents and businesses in Evesham can now access this revolutionary technology, providing the town with reliable and consistent access to the internet.

    Partnering with multiple internet service providers (ISPs), this new ultrafast broadband  network provides consumer choice and options for residents and businesses alike.

    The economic benefits of upgraded full fibre infrastructure are well documented and this large investment into the town of Evesham is something the Fibre Heroes teams are keen to engage with residents and businesses to start realizing this benefit.

    This announcement means that residents can stream without interruption and work from home more effectively as well as a whole host of other benefits ultrafast broadband will bring to the town of Evesham.

    Area General Manager, Gareth Yardley from Fibre Heroes added:

    “The progress we’ve made in reaching towns like Evesham has been great. It’s the perfect example of an area that was previously overlooked by larger network providers. This technology will offer residents and businesses more digital opportunities, and we’re excited to serve Evesham and connect as many premises as possible.”

    Evesham is now an area at the forefront of digital technology in the UK, and one of many towns Fibre Heroes is planning to serve.

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