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    Posted on: November 9, 2022

    Wholesale network provider Fibre Heroes can now offer thousands of Cinderford residents stress-free internet speeds

    Fibre Heroes, the wholesale network provider that has been building a brand new ultrafast broadband network, have announced today that residents can start to receive their service.

    Liaising with the Fastershire scheme, Forest Economic Partnership (FEP) and the Gloucestershire County Council, Fibre Heroes have been instrumental in a vast community project that has expanded past serving broadband.

    Not only have Fibre Heroes been pivotal in the build throughout the community, they have also sponsored local art projects, donated to food banks and provided Easter chocolate to local schools.

    Having quickly established themselves as part of the community, the main square within the town centre has been lit up pink as a recognition to the excellent work carried out by the builder.

    Residents can benefit from upgraded internet speeds, simultaneous multi-device use and minimal buffering upon video calls and streamed content.

    Matt Smith, Head of Public Procurement & Engagement at Fibre Heroes commented:

    “Being able to truly enrich the welcoming community of Cinderford with more than just gigabit-capable broadband has been a pleasure. Working closely alongside the council, the FEP and Fastershire has been a collaboration that Cinderford asked for and we were more than happy to deliver.”

    The residents of Cinderford can now register for the network through  Fibre Heroes’ partner websites.

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