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    Why You Need Full Fibre

    Are you sick and tired of buffering internet? It only seems to happen when you need it the most.

    Fibre Heroes have built you a brand new fibre broadband network (separate from the existing copper broadband network) and you’re ready to be connected!

    One of our installers has dropped you this card because you have the ability to upgrade your existing network to a brand new, tried and tested fibre optic network.

    Benefits of Full Fibre Broadband

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    Stream unlimited devices at the same time with zero issues
    World-class performance

    How it works

    Currently your copper network uses electromagnetic currents to transfer data and connect your home to the internet. Over certain distances, the currents aren’t strong enough and users experience slow internet.

    With fibre optic cables, they utilise light to transfer data which is significantly faster. It means that it is able to provide a connection to your home much quicker than the existing alternative.

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    It’s Completely Separate

    This is a new network. The line that you would receive from our network is completely separate to your current one. You could effectively have 2 lines running into your house at the same time!

    Some of our partners may be doing deals with some months free, effectively, you can have 2 broadband lines your home for the price of 1 (for a period of time).

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    Got a question for us?

    I already have fibre, how is yours any different?
    Full fibre involves a fibre optic cable running from a cabinet, a green metal box you may have seen in your area, straight to your house. In comparison, the average fibre connection involves less efficient copper cables that are limited when it comes to internet speed and reliability.
    What will full fibre allow me to do that I can't already?
    From browsing with speed and reliability no matter the time of day to experiencing ultrafast download and upload speeds, full fibre broadband will enhance your internet life like never before. Say goodbye to the dreaded loading wheel and patchy video calls and say hello to stress-free, dependable, multi-device connection.
    So I can order it right now?
    Absolutely! Visit any one of our partners and order through their website, or you can sign up with us and we will pass your details to our partners to make sure they reach out to you directly!