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Gamers, why are you putting up with lag?
Don’t let bad internet ruin your gaming.
It’s clearly time to change!

Upgrading your broadband with one of our ISPs is like levelling up. It’s the ultimate power-up for your online adventures, delivering faster speeds, smoother gameplay, and top-notch customer service that feels like having a trusty sidekick on your quest for the best value and service in the digital realm. Get ready to unlock a whole new level of gaming greatness with our partners!

Gaming broadband

With the best gaming broadband around, Fibre Heroes delivers an ultrafast full fibre connection that makes every game a GG.

Seamless streaming

Get endless entertainment for your every streaming need with Fibre Heroes’ ultrafast internet.

Working from home

Don’t let slow internet come between you and your working day.

Test your
broadband speed

Wondering how your current broadband speed measures up? Try our simple and accurate broadband speed test to find out! Knowing your internet speed is essential in understanding whether you’re getting the best performance from your service provider. With our easy-to-use speed test, you can quickly determine your download and upload speeds, allowing you to make informed decisions about your internet connection.

Broadband for the whole household

With the best broadband for multiple devices,
Fibre Heroes’ ultrafast internet will keep everyone in your household entertained.


Seamless streaming
with faster broadband

Streams come true with Fibre Heroes.
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