How to switch broadband

In Shrewsbury

If you live in Shrewsbury and want to switch your broadband supplier, we recommend checking the terms and conditions of your current contract to find out when it began and when it ends.

Usually, contracts last 12 months but some may last two years. If you’re still in contract, a penalty fee to leave is standard. The amount will vary depending on your provider.

However, if you know you’re no longer in contract, you are free to shop around and switch whenever you want.

Do I need to give notice to my current provider?

For most providers, you’ll need to give at least 30 days’ notice. You can usually do this via email or phone. They will ask for your account details so make sure you have these to hand before making the call.

What can I expect during the switching process?

When the switchover happens, you might experience a few days of disruption during the time when one account closes and the new one opens. One way around this is to only cancel your old contract once the new service is set up, but this might mean higher costs for the first month.

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What to Expect!

A lot of service providers use the Openreach phone network, so if you’re switching to a provider like BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone, the process is very straightforward.

If you are switching to us, you need to ensure that your contract is cancelled with your existing provider and let communicate with your new provider about setting up a new contract. Because it will be a separate line, it should be a case of just setting up a new contract with a new provider!

Once this happens, your new and old provider will then send you a letter to inform you of the switch, which must include these specific details:

  • What services will be switched.
  • Any services that won’t be affected.
  • Any charges due if you’re leaving your contract early.
  • When the switch-over will take place.

You will also need to return any equipment to your previous service provider within 30 days of your cancellation date. If not stated in the letter, you should receive an email or phone call to confirm exactly what you need to do but don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you’re unsure of the process.

Steps to Switching Broadband

The process to switch broadband providers can be daunting. However, we are here to help. As well as checking the information above, follow these three steps if you’re hoping to switch to one of our ISP partners, for example:

Check your availability

Use our postcode checker below to find out if the Fibre Heroes network is live in your area. If it’s still in the planning or building stages, you can sign up for updates and we’ll tell you the day your home is ready to get connected.

Check Current Contract

As mentioned above, it’s important to know where you are in your current contract and follow the steps to cancel your current service.

Call your current provider if you are unsure!

Decide the best package for you

Once you have checked whether or not Fibre Heroes is in your area and you’re aware of the steps to leave your current service provider, it’s time to choose your new broadband provider.

Check them out below!

Our providers

Home Broadband
Business Broadband

For example, are you a super streamer? Do you need to download large files at lightning speeds? Or perhaps you just want to enjoy video calls with loved ones in HD? You can choose the package that works for you!

Still can’t decide? Don’t fret, just register your details with us and we can match you to your perfect partner, the Robin to your Batman shall we say?

Switching broadband providers is really that simple.