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    Know About Full Fibre

    What is Full Fibre?

    The biggest question for those new to this broadband technology is, what is full fibre?

    To put it simply, full fibre means gigabit-capable speeds (or 1000Mbps), which is about 20X faster compared with the national average speed of 51.48Mps, resulting in a much more reliable and consistent internet connection.

    How do Fibre Optic Cables work?

    The main difference is that they use light as their data transmission method while copper uses electrical signals that get weaker the further they travel. Light signals on the other hand are able to travel much further, much quicker, and ensure a consistent connection, no matter the distance.

    For more in-depth information about how light transmits data, you may find this blog useful.


    Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC

    FTTC involves a fibre optic cable running to the cabinet and a copper cable running from the cabinet to your house. This offers fast but limited broadband speeds.


    Fibre to the Premise or FTTP

    FTTP involves a fibre optic cable running from a cabinet, a green metal box you may have seen in your area, straight to your house. This is the most reliable and fastest broadband.



    An Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL is provided over your existing phone line through copper wires.

    It uses the Openreach phone line network and is currently the most common broadband connection available in the UK.

    Benefits of Full Fibre Broadband

    Video calls – Faster internet can mean the difference between an informative team meeting and a frustrating waste of time.

    Sending and receiving large files –Faster internet can provide close to instant uploads and downloads making sending those important emails a breeze.

    Multiple Devices – Faster broadband can dramatically reduce lag time and keep you connected regardless of others using the internet.

    Online research and browsing – Faster internet can prevent unnecessary interruptions during the day, and we all know how frustrating it can be waiting for pages to load when you’re in the flow.

    Professionalism – Upgrading to faster broadband can keep you connected and available to your team if you work from home.

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    Download and Upload Speeds

    Without getting too technical, the download speed is the rate at which data is taken from the internet to a device. The upload, therefore, is the rate data taken from your device to the internet.

    Fibre Broadband Installation Process

    Step 1

    Choose an internet provider that’s right for you.

    Step 2

    On the day, we’ll call you to let you know we’re on route.

    Step 3

    When one of our engineers arrives, they will assess the property and locate the nearest point of presence or network point.

    Step 4

    When the method of connection has been identified, the engineer will install a grey box to the outside of your house. This is called a customer splice point (CSP).

    Step 5

    The fibre cable will be taken from the newly installed CSP and connected to another small grey box called an optical network terminal (ONT) inside your home.

    Step 6

    Finally, the engineer will carry out a configuration test, which means the installation process is complete. You are now free to connect your router.

    Our providers

    Home Broadband
    Business Broadband

    Our providers

    We’re nothing without our service providers, all of which provide a range of business and home packages for you to choose from. So, whilst we build the lightning-fast network, our incredible partners provide the service to your business or home and get you connected. Take a look at our partners and their latest offers.


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    Our home broadband packages allow everyone in your household to enjoy a fast internet connection, at the same time. Letting you do more of the things you love, without the hassle of dropouts, buffering or lack of connection.

    POP Telecom

    POP Telecom are a leading UK-based telecom company specializing in broadband and phone services.

    We prioritise customer satisfaction, offering free activation and router delivery alongside dependable connectivity. With our UK-based customer support, we ensure prompt assistance and seamless experiences. Plus, our flexible contract options are designed to accommodate various preferences, making us a go-to choice for reliable telecommunications solutions.


    IDNet is rated one of the fastest, most reliable, and best supported ISPs in the UK, outperforming the large providers by every measure. Don’t settle for less.


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    Gigabit Networks is the Gigabit Fibre Internet Champion for the Midlands. We are from the Midlands, based in the Midlands and we’ll always go the extra mile for our customers in the Midlands. We’re committed to bringing new internet benefits and levels of service to the region.

    Fusion Fibre

    We installed a full fibre network in the Shambles! With packages starting from £27.99/mth for 160Mbps and a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, you can rely on us for reliable, affordable broadband.

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