What is FTTP


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    Posted on: November 7, 2022

    The digital evolution has grown faster than anyone would have thought possible. Add on to this a drastic change in our society on how we work, interact and engage with people, and you now have a demand so unprecedented that the current cable system needs to change.

    In conjunction with a Government initiative of providing every home with a quicker broadband speed through fibre connection, just what is all the jargon about?

    Today we will explain what FTTP is and why it’s so important for your demanding online lifestyle

    What is FTTP

    FTTP stands for Fibre to the Premise. This means that from the cabinet (the green metal box you may find on some streets filled with wires) to your home, the cable is a fibre-optic cable instead of the current copper networks.

    Below is a diagram that shows a little bit more about it:

    FTTP diagram

    The existing system, as mentioned, is made from copper cables which were originally designed to transmit voice signals for phone calls. Unfortunately, they don’t meet the criteria of the evolving digital landscape.

    How could FTTP affect you?

    So what does this mean for you? As the end user, it means that you will have a faster connection to the internet. Your download speeds will improve, you will be able to use more applications connected to the internet at the same time with no drop in quality (your laptop, computer, iPad, phone can all work simultaneously).

    Whilst you watch the latest hot topic on Netflix, you can download the latest pictures of your family and respond to your loved ones on Facebook. It is a wonderful technology to elevate your lifestyle and ensure your communication and entertainments are flawless.

    Do you need FTTP Connection?

    As part of the Gigabit Broadband 2025 initiative, the Government is looking to provide quicker speeds to 85% of premises in the UK by 2025.

    To achieve these quicker speeds, a fibre network is needed, especially leading to each premise.

    Once you receive full fibre broadband, you will be shocked that you ever dealt with the speeds you are currently experiencing!

    Are you eligible for our Fibre connection yet?

    If you are curious to see if you are eligible to access our full fibre network including the discussed FTTP component, then please use our postcode checker and see if we are coming to you soon.

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