Switching Broadband


    Switching your broadband over to another internet service provider package can seem stressful but we want to provide you with relevant information and tools to make this as straightforward as possible no matter your current situation. We’ve created this switching broadband guide to help you understand a little more about the process.

    tips for switching provider when moving home

    Moving house?

    No problem – we have a detailed blog covering the process, which includes the reasons for starting the process as soon as possible, the importance of checking your existing contract, and the benefits of researching coverage and broadband packages before signing up.

    How do you choose the right internet service provider for you?

    There are many ways you can make your decision to choose the right ISP easier, and it all depends on your preferences. These may include:

    The cost

    Look at the cost breakdown when looking at internet packages. As well as a monthly price, there may be an upfront cost to pay, too, for a router or line rental.

    The speed

    If you have a lot of devices, operate a business from home, take part in online gaming or stream television, you’ll need a fast connection. Why not give our internet speed test checker a try and see how fast your current broadband connection is? Many broadband providers advertise their maximum speed, but you may not get that where you live.


    Most broadband providers offer unlimited broadband, which means you can stream and game to your heart’s content. However, it’s worth checking to see if any restrictions are in place. If there are, your data could be capped, or you could be charged extra for additional use.

    Contract length

    Contracts usually last between 12 to 36 months. Longer-term deals are generally cheaper, but there is a bigger penalty if you end your contract early.


    If you’re changing broadband providers because you’re moving house, you’ll want to take this into consideration. If you’re in a city or built-up area, you’ll be able to choose from many different providers. If you live in a more rural area, fewer providers may be available.


    If you want a landline or television bundle alongside your broadband, check and see what you get in your package. You can usually make substantial savings if you want all three bundled together. Some packages also offer extra treats to sweeten the deal, such as streaming subscriptions or smart devices but check if this means you’ll be paying more or signing up for a longer contract.

    What can you expect when making the switch?


    A few things to be aware of during the switching process:
    The notice period
    For most providers, you’ll need to give at least 30 days’ notice. You can usually do this via email or phone.
    When the switchover happens, you might experience a few days of disruption during the time when one account closes and the new one opens. One way around this is to only cancel your old contract once the new service is set up, but this might mean higher costs for the first month.
    You’ll usually need to return any equipment to your previous service provider within 30 days of your cancellation date. You should receive an email or phone call to confirm exactly what you need to do but don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you’re unsure of the process.
    Your new provider will do all the running around for you and arrange the entire switchover. You’ll be sent notification letters from both your old and new providers to confirm the date of transfer.