How to Choose an ISP Partner

    7 Factors to Consider

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    Posted on: November 7, 2022

    The internet has transformed the way the world operates. With such a rapid progression, it appears to have taken over the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and the way we work. There is a lot of jargon and marketing that can be confusing. Ultimately, we want to show you how to choose an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to reap the maximum benefits of a wonderful online resource.

    ISP Availability

    The first thing you need to know when choosing an ISP is the availability of their services. If your postcode doesn’t fall under their service catchment area, then you are unable to receive their broadband. This is especially prevalent if you live in rural areas of the country where access is already limited.

    There are many excellent altnets (alternative networks) that specialize in local services that could provide more dedicated services. Above all, ensure you check where your desired ISP serves to see if you can receive their broadband deals.

    Connection Reliability

    A lot of us are able to access the internet from our mobile phones almost anywhere. With the demand for connectivity at an all time high, we expect a reliable service no matter where we are in the country.

    A reliable service is imperative given the pandemic’s shift in work culture. For hybrid workers (who work both from home and in the office), home entrepreneurs, and freelancers, a reliable service could literally make or break their business.

    Having a reliable service means that you are able to host those important meetings, attend interviews, doctor’s appointments, family catch ups, without the worry of missing vital moments.

    Broadband Speed

    Everything is getting quicker: cars, humans, delivery services. It’s how evolution works, the quickest survive. Your broadband connectivity is no different.

    Having a fast internet speed allows for quicker downloads, smoother conference calls and ultra-high-quality streaming. Choosing an ISP that can provide these quick services is imperative to meet the demands of you, your family’s or your business’s digital lifestyle.


    What is the cost of the speed you are looking for? With impressive speeds come not so impressive prices. Usually, the faster the speed, the more costly the monthly price.

    If the high speed is top priority, then work out if it is a sustainable price, if it is a fair price. Are you able to find the same speed (or similar) at a cheaper rate elsewhere?

    Are there any deals at the time can save money in the short term? Are you able to opt-out when the price increase from the original deal? By doing this research, you could be receiving the best quality for a bargain.

    Online Security

    With the evolution of the internet comes the evolution of those who want to take advantage of it. Scammers, hackers and more have all become more complex and with the vast amount of data out in the world, it is important that your ISP is able to protect yours from any form of breach.

    Look into the security of your desired ISP. Have there been previous breaches? Do they have any security guarantees? Are they able to ensure that your data remains protected?

    If you are wondering, always call them up and ask them. If you aren’t the most tech savvy, ask for the answers in plain English to help you understand the kind of services they can provide for you.

    Types of Connection

    Your needs will dictate the type of connection that you require. There are a handful of types of broadband so we will quickly inform you of the most common:

    • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) – this is the transmission of data over copper wires. This is the current existing infrastructure when it comes to connectivity.
    • Fibre – this is the transmission of data through fibre-optic cables. The cables convert electric signals to light and the light is sent through the transparent fibres. The speed of fibre networks are far greater than those of DSL.
    • Wireless – this is the transmission of data through radio signals from the ISP to your location. Excellent for rural areas that may have problems receiving wired cables.
    • Satellite – this is the transmission of data through the use of satellites in the Earth’s orbit. Similar to wireless connection, it is great for reaching rural areas but the speeds can vary on many factors.

    Customer Support

    We have all been there. Your internet has been down for too long. It’s more than just a power cut. You ring up customer support and they don’t pick up. They don’t even call you back. So you leave a comment on social media. There is no response. You email them. There is no reply. All whilst your internet isn’t working.

    There is always some sort of problem when it comes to mass infrastructure. Having an ISP that is responsive and willing to go the extra mile to ensure your setup is back to where it should be is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your ISP.

    By researching online, you are able to find out whether they respond to social media claims, whether they call back, whether they are willing to ensure your day is disrupted for no longer than it has to be.

    Can your ISP of choice value you as a customer as opposed to another source of income for some C-suite you have never even heard of?

    If you have friends or colleagues who use their service, ask them for their opinion. Are they good? Should you switch? Find out as much information as possible that give you the most informed decision possible.

    Choosing the Correct ISP

    By conducting your own research, you are able to ensure you are making the right decision. By knowing how to choose your ISP, you are armed with the information you need to get the most out of your broadband connection.

    If you are unsure, ask someone you trust who is more tech savvy to help explain it in terms you can understand. But, above all, choose the best package for your needs and ensure that you and your loved ones can access this wonderful resource safely and without concern for future problems.

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