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    Posted on: February 15, 2023

    Millions of customers will be affected by a mid-contract price hike being rolled out by household names such as BT, EE, Plusnet, Shell, TalkTalk, Three, Virgin and Vodafone.

    If you are a customer of one of the named companies, you could experience a price increase of up to 14.4% on your monthly contract bill.

    Providers can increase their prices by the rate of inflation plus an extra amount on top (usually around 4 percentage points) as per their own terms and conditions.

    For some customers, you will be able to break your contract with your existing provider penalty-free within 30 days of the initial notification of the price rise. (Please check your contract and do your research into this. This will only apply to some customers.)

    If you are wanting more information about how to cancel your contract, we’ve linked appropriate resources for each provider below:

    What does this mean for you?

    Some providers allow for a 30-day window to break the contract penalty free meaning that you have an opportunity to switch providers if the price increase is too much.

    As mentioned, the 30-day window starts from the initial notification of the price rise so it is important, that if you are wanting to switch, you don’t leave it until the last minute.

    Switching providers can be an easy process and having it done sooner rather than later would be imperative to ensuring the continued service of your broadband.

    How can you switch?

    We have many blogs about this, but the short version is, speak to your existing provider and notify them that you would like to leave your contract within the 30-day window.

    Also, order from one of our internet service partners with the package you desire. We have partners that offer broadband only packages, TV bundles and landlines. Please look into them and do your research to find the perfect package.

    (This will only work if your home is viable for a connection on our network)

    Your existing provider will most likely request their equipment to be returned. This should be done in line with their terms and conditions appropriately.

    From there, our partners will send you a new router and our installers will connect your property to our new full fibre network (a broadband network made up entirely of fibre optic cables).

    We’d recommend that you ensure your new connection is up and running before sending any equipment back (with that being said, there are some deadline requirements for returning equipment so again, check what these are with your existing ISP!)

    Take Action Now

    There is a limited time to act on this if you are unhappy with the price hike. If you haven’t received the notification, the suppliers have confirmed that there will be price increases this year.

    As mentioned, once notified, you will have 30-days to change providers penalty free (again, please research into this to see if your provider is allowing this break of contract to happen).

    To reiterate, if you are wanting more information about how to cancel your contract, we’ve linked appropriate resources for each provider below:

    Our partners are ready and waiting to connect you to a network with a better value for money from existing copper broadband connections.

    Research our partners today to browse their packages and see which one works best for you.


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