Does Fibre Broadband

    Need a Phone Line?

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    Posted on: November 7, 2022

    With smartphones now more accessible than ever, people are becoming less and less dependent on a phone line in the home. This is also linked to the growth of full fibre technology, which uses optic cables instead of the previous copper cables to connect to the internet.

    Today, more than 20% of homes don’t have a landline at all and as full fibre spreads, fewer people will need to pay for phoneline with their broadband packages.

    Does fibre broadband need a phone line?

    Technically, no fibre broadband does not need a phone line to access your home! It is part of a completely separate network!

    If you can’t yet receive full fibre in your area, most superfast broadband packages still require you have a phone line. This is due to what’s called a legacy requirement and related to the network provider BT, which installs and maintains phone lines as well as fibre optic cables in the UK.

    Subsequently, BT charges companies that use their infrastructure by making it a requirement that customers receive a phone line with their broadband packages.

    If you want to drop the phone line and access a stronger internet connection, see if you are able to receive our newly built network!

    Do you need a new phone socket for fibre?

    With full fibre installation, your master phone socket will be upgraded (the white box on the wall) and a new modem (ONT) will be installed. This connects to the fibre optic cable that enters your home.

    The ONT allows for both fibre broadband and phone services and connects to your router.

    Virgin Media

    Not all companies use BT infrastructure today, however. Virgin Media, for example, installs and maintains its own infrastructure and offers broadband without having to pay for a phone line.

    Despite this, Virgin Media charges more for its broadband to cover the cost of its infrastructure so it can actually work out to be more expensive than most broadband packages you see.

    Prices can vary widely depending on which package you choose. Ultimately, paying for a phone line alongside your superfast fibre broadband is often a lot cheaper than opting for ultrafast full fibre broadband with Virgin Media.

    Can I get rid of my landline and keep broadband?

    Full fibre infrastructure is growing across the UK, bringing competition to the market, and driving down the cost of ultrafast broadband packages.

    Network providers like Fibre Heroes are working hard to make sure more and more underserved towns receive access to full fibre broadband, which means you won’t be required to pay for a phone line.

    If you’re looking for full fibre broadband package without the hassle and expense of a phoneline, why not use our postcode checker to see if your town can receive an ultrafast connection?

    Fibre Heroes continues to expand its reach so your town could be next!

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