Does Fibre Come

    Through The Phone Line?

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    Posted on: January 12, 2023

    Did you know that your full fibre internet is provided through a separate line from your copper line? So I bet this leaves you thinking, ‘does fibre come through the phone line?’

    If you currently connect to the internet using copper, it means your internet runs through your phone line, using pulses of electricity to send data.

    Full fibre on the other hand uses light pulses, which means a new line needs to be installed separate to your phone line! So, technically, you can have both a full fibre line and a copper line running at the same time. But why have both?

    Fibre cables and copper cables are two separate networks!
    It means that fibre cables don’t need to come through the phone line!


    Relying on outdated technology such as your copper internet can disrupt your day-to-day. With more and more people working from home, families using multiple devices, and a greater reliance on the internet means a copper line no longer meets the demands of a modern lifestyle.

    One way to avoid this is to install a full fibre line while waiting for your contract to end. Yes, it is possible to install your full fibre line before a contract runs out and boost your internet reliability at the same time.

    This can be the perfect solution if:

    • You only have a few months left until your old contract ends
    • Your internet connection is affecting your work or income
    • You can afford to pay for two contracts for a set period of time

    To help you make this transition, some of our partners as internet service providers offer the first 3 months for free when signing up for one of their packages. So, if you’re coming to the end of your old contract, this could be the perfect solution to gain ultrafast broadband quickly.

    2 lines, 1 payment! (Deals pending of course!)

    We have many partners that provide affordable and accessible internet packages to suit all households. Why not discover our partners’ current offers and say goodbye to slow and unreliable broadband for good?

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