Building a full fibre network for ultrafast internet

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    Posted on: November 29, 2023

    Our aim is to bring full fibre internet to as many towns and villages as we can. That’s why our network covers every premise in our 130+ build towns.

    If you’re wondering what fibre internet is, how it’s built and how you can upgrade your broadband, this blog explains it all more clearly. Starting with how we build it…

    How do we build full fibre networks?

    Well, for the most part (80% of it, in fact) we put our fibre optic cables through Openreach’s existing infrastructure of underground ducts and telegraph poles. This ensures the build is largely straightforward with minimal disruption to the areas we build in. However, there are a handful of areas where existing ducts or poles are not available. In these areas, we follow the industry-standard process of either using other existing ducts, or putting in telegraph poles. We really have to emphasise that we only put poles in when there’s no realistic alternatives.

    What to do if you want to get our full fibre internet?

    Once our services are built and live in your area, we have a range of excellent partners to choose from. They can set you up with a broadband package to suit your needs.

    All of our service partners are ready to bring you the best broadband deals on the market. Your chosen service provider will be the one to set up or switch your broadband contract and provide you with all the relevant details about your full fibre service: from budget plans to subscription perks.

    However, we’ll be the ones to arrange the physical installation of your new ultrafast broadband. We’ll arrange a time for one of our engineers to install ultrafast broadband in your home, which usually takes a few hours.

    If you want to know more about what to expect when it comes to installing fibre optic cables to your home, watch our video on what happens at an installation.

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