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    Posted on: November 7, 2022

    A full fibre network build has its challenges. We, of all people, know that. But sometimes, due to the technical jargon and lack of education, these challenges can get lost in translation with residents. Because of the lack of information (as well as the frequency in which we deal with them), it can seem like these difficulties are turned into cheap answers to ward off your legitimate concerns.

    Today we wanted to address ‘what is direct bury’, how this affects the build in your area and the challenges that come with it to give a clearer picture of some obstacles that can arise during the build process.

    You may hear our expert customer support use this term quite frequently. So, we wanted to provide you a resource that explains it in more detail in as plain English as possible.

    What is Direct Bury

    Direct bury is a method of network installation that involves cables being directly buried into the ground without any protective ducts.

    A duct is, in essence, a tube in which the cable can run through from the cabinet to your premise.

    When these ducts/tubes don’t exist, that is when we try to find alternative solutions as digging to add in ducts draws out the length of disruption and chaos amongst your road/town. This chaos would include having to remove all concrete that surrounds the network to then replace the entire network with ducts.

    Why does this matter

    As mentioned above, if direct bury has been used, it means that we aren’t able to service your road as quickly as possible which means you are unable to experience the power that lies within a full fibre network.

    Our timely resolution – and industry standard practice – is to erect new telegraph poles (where none currently exist; any existing telegraph poles would be utilized.)

    We always aim to utilize existing underground ducts as it makes our job easier as well. However, when required, poles allow for a quick build to continue and connect your premise to a network that could add £5,000 to your property value.

    For a visual explanation about our pole process, please watch our informational video here.

    Please note, our focus is to connect the underserved towns of the UK where no extensive work would have previously taken place. Because our revolutionary work would be the first dedicated broadband action our build towns have seen, it means that we must set the foundational infrastructure.

    What’s the ideal situation

    The ideal scenario for our builds comprises of a number of factors. First and foremost, existing underground ducts are in a safe condition to use enabling us to thread our full fibre network through these tubes.

    Where there are no existing ducts, then we look to use existing telegraph poles that have been erected before we arrive in the town. We aim for a quick, safe and professional job for all involved.

    After all of the fibre-optic cables are in place, you are eligible to connect to a full fibre network and receive the fastest internet connection you’ve ever experienced.

    Why should you care

    Given the severe increase in demand of a strong domestic internet connection, we want to enable the underserved towns to have an equally powerful internet connection as the urban cities.

    As previously mentioned, having access to a full fibre network could add £5,000 to your property value. Connecting to this revolutionary technology means that you can keep up with the digital lifestyle you, your family and your business needs.

    Contact us

    We are confident that there will be questions regarding direct burials. Our expert team are happy to answer any queries you may have. Get in touch with us and we will reply to you as fast as we can.

    Additionally, if you are wanting to know if you are eligible for a full fibre connection, see if your town is part of our build network and find your town page.

    Read our other blog posts to see if there are any other questions we can answer for you.


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