A parent’s guide to choosing

    good internet for kids

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    Posted on: February 14, 2024

    Great broadband is an important part of creating a good educational environment in your home. There are so many resources available online now, from interactive learning tools to educational videos. So, if you’re looking for good internet for kids, but you’re not sure what you need, this guide will walk you through the essentials.

    Choosing the best internet for kids

    Firstly, a lot of what you’ll need will be down to getting the right speed internet. Internet speed is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps), and dictates how quickly data can be downloaded or uploaded from the internet to your devices. For families with multiple devices that are often online at the same time, a higher speed is beneficial.

    Speed is key

    For a family engaging in online learning, good internet speed for streaming educational videos, participating in live classes, and downloading resources is essential. Having higher download speeds will make sure your family has seamless access, even at peak times. This is going to be key when choosing good internet for your kids.

    Reliability over everything

    Beyond speed, reliability is crucial. The best broadband for families is one that offers consistent performance, especially during peak hours when children may be attending online classes or completing homework. Look for providers with strong reputations for uptime and customer satisfaction.

    Support for multiple devices

    A family will often have multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time, from laptops and tablets to smartphones. Your chosen broadband should seamlessly support multiple connections. This ensures that education is never disrupted, whether it’s a live lesson or interactive learning through educational apps.

    Security features

    Make sure your broadband services offer robust parental controls and security features to safeguard your children from inappropriate content, and ensure they’re secure online.

    How to choose good internet for kids?

    While the answer varies depending on specific family needs, a good internet speed for families engaged in online learning typically starts at 30 Mbps for smaller households. However, for families with multiple devices and simultaneous educational activities, opting for speeds of 150 Mbps, or more, is advisable.

    Take a look at our provider’s packages to find something that matches your families needs.

    Choosing good internet for kids involves balancing speed, reliability, device support, security, and quality customer service. By prioritising these factors, parents can ensure that their broadband service not only meets their family’s educational needs but also provides a safe and productive online learning environment.


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