What internet speed

    do you really need?

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    Posted on: November 29, 2023

    We’re always get asked, what internet speed do I need? So, here we explain more about the internet, the infrastructure we use, and what that means for your internet speeds.


    What’s the difference between copper and fibre networks?

    Firstly, when we talk about internet speed, it just means how fast data travels to and from the internet. This is the thing that will affect your service the most. Normally, it’s measured in megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps). So, the higher those numbers, the faster your internet is, and the more reliable your service will be.

    You can test your speed and find out how many Mbps you’re getting, here.

    So, what speeds do you need for everyday use of the internet?

    Let’s face it, we all stream TV shows and movies these days, often on more than once device, and there’s nothing more annoying that endless buffering. For the average family of four we’d recommend an internet connection of 130Mbps or more. At this speed, your whole family can stream the TV shows they want, at the same time, without any buffering. You can even stream in UHD and still get a seamless service.

    If you’re a household with a gamer in your midst then you’re going to want even higher speeds, with a minimum of 300Mbps or more, and up to 900Mpbps if you’ve more than one gamer, or for any PC Gamers. You’ll also want good upload and download speeds. Some broadband doesn’t offer symmetrical upload/download speeds which won’t be great for PC gamers.

    The same goes for home workers. If that’s you, you’ll want to ensure you have good upload and download speeds too (we’ve explained this more clearly below). And, as always, the higher the speeds (as in 150Mbps or above) the more reliable your service.

    What’s an upload speed?

    This is the speed at which you can send information. So, this affects how long it takes you to upload files, photos or videos. It will also impact the quality of your video calls, virtual meetings and real-time online collaboration tools: with your video feed getting pixelated or freezing to those on the receiving end.

    If you’re a gamer, slow upload speeds are a big no-no. Depending on how slow your upload speeds are, you could begetting a lot of lag, affecting your ability to respond quickly in real-time multiplayer games.

    What’s a download speed?

    This is the speed you receive information. So, this will affect your overall web browsing experience and how well you can stream videos and audio without experiencing the dreaded buffer. Basically, any way you access the internet (Netflix, music streaming services, loading webpages, making video calls), this will be impacted.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about whether you’re ready to get connected to the Fibre Heroes network, check your availability here.

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