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    Posted on: November 7, 2022

    The digital evolution is well underway. With most households having access to the internet, the digital lifestyle demands an ever-increasing internet speed. But how can you improve internet speed if you constantly notice it under performing? 

    With the number of appliances requiring access to the internet increasing, here are a few ways that you can improve your internet speed (and most of them are free!). 

    Benchmark Internet Speed

    Benchmark your current speed. Whilst this won’t directly improve your internet speed, it will give you a measurement to compare against after you’ve tried some of these tricks. 

    There are plenty of online speed tests that can be done. Use a range of them to ensure you have consistent data across all variations. 

    Ensure that you record the score so that you know if any changes you do make aren’t some sort of placebo. 

    Speak to ISP about your Speed

    Speaking to your ISP can help clarify what exact speeds you are supposed to be getting. Because you have just benchmarked, you know what you are receiving against what you are paying for. 

    If the speed isn’t enough, see if there are any deals that your ISP can offer you that result in a faster broadband package. On the contrary, if it is slower than it should be, research to see if there are any network problems with your provider or if there are any issues in your area. 

    Password Protect your Wi-Fi

    Adding a password onto your Wi-Fi can stop external users accessing and causing slower speeds. Extra users require more bandwidth than you’re paying for, and this can result in slower speeds.  

    This is especially important if you live in a city centre, where a lot of people will be looking for free Wi-Fi from shops. Make sure that yours isn’t on their list. 

    The password you choose must be complex enough to avoid any potential codebreakers out there, so choose wisely! 

    Move Location of Internet Router

    Sometimes, the actual physical location of your router in your house can affect the speed of your internet. Is it placed behind a thick wall from where you usually sit and access it? Does it only work when the door is open? 

    By moving to an elevated and clear spot with minimal obstructions around it, you give yourself the best chance of receiving a faster connection speed.  

    If you notice that your desk at home is on the other side of the house to the router, perhaps moving the router closer can increase the quality of your work calls? 

    Plug in Ethernet Cables

    Before we had wireless technology, we had wired technology! Ethernet cables are still a great way of boosting your internet speed to specific devices. Yes, there are limitations to where they can connect to, but the result could be direct access to the router increasing your speed. 

    Whilst not as convenient as its wireless counterpart, it can boost speeds to those devices that need it. This also shouldn’t affect the wirelessly connected devices. Theoretically, it should improve their speed as there is one less device using a wireless connection! 

    Switch Internet Provider

    If you are facing recurring internet speed problems, sometimes there is nothing you can do. No matter where you place your router, nor how many passwords you set, it could just be out of your control. 

    If this is the case, and your ISP is always letting you down, it could be an idea to switch internet providers. It always sounds scary as you don’t know if it will go smoothly, but the long-term benefits could be monumental. 

    There will be a range of other packages that offer similar services to what you are currently receiving but at a much better quality. 

    Don’t be scared to branch out and try something different if your existing set up isn’t working for you. 

    Access a Faster Internet Speed

    Everyone should have access to a fast internet. With a full fibre connection, you can receive speeds of 1Gbps and more (1000Mbps). If you are facing consistent slow internet speeds, you may be eligible to receive a full fibre network. 

    This can be applied directly to your home, and you will wonder how you ever managed to put up with your current speeds after experiencing such a super-fast connection. 

    Get in touch with our expert team to find out more, or you can check if you’re eligible using our postcode checker. 


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