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    Posted on: November 7, 2022

    We talk a lot about ‘FTTP’ or ‘Fibre to the Premise’. If you don’t know what it is, we have an entire post dedicated to explaining what it is and the benefits of FTTP for your home.

    The benefits are magnificent, but ultimately, you want to know how to get FTTP to your home.

    Today, we break down how you can access the forefront of internet technology and start possessing the superpower that is ultrafast broadband.

    What is FTTP

    Just for clarification, FTTP stands for Fibre to the Premise which means a fibre optic cable runs from the cabinets (the green metal boxes you may find dotted around your towns) straight to your home.

    This differs to the existing networks which have copper cables running from the cabinet to your home. This is known as FTTC.

    The range of benefits of full fibre can be found on another blog post we have.

    How to get FTTP

    This is all great, but how can you actually get FTTP broadband?

    Well, it ultimately comes down to where network providers build their cables.

    If your current copper network isn’t scheduled to be replaced by a network builder, then you won’t be able to access FTTP internet.

    For a lot of rural residents, this is a particular pain point due to those towns consistently being looked over by large corporations.

    It is this very reason why our work focuses on underserved market towns that deserve FTTP access as much as the larger cities.

    Contact Internet Service Providers

    If your address is eligible to receive FTTP, then it is imperative you contact you’re a new provider you wish to serve you a full fibre network.

    Simply fill in a contact form on their website, or call their phone number displayed on their website and speak to one of their team members.

    A lot of the background work is completed by the providers. We have an entire blog post about how to switch internet providers if you are concerned!

    Fibre Heroes Help

    As we said, we focus on the underserved market towns of the UK.

    By providing these towns with the digital forefront of technology, we level the digital playing field and allow for rural areas to be an even more desirable place to live.

    We want to serve 500,000 homes with FTTP by 2025. To help us achieve this, we use our passion and innovation to ensure that you are equally as informed as we are about this revolutionary tech.

    Check your eligibility

    With all this being said, find out if we are building FTTP networks in your area.

    Use our postcode checker to see if your town is part of our current build towns.

    We are expanding at a rapid rate and could be coming to your town sooner than you think.

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