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    Posted on: November 28, 2022

    According to the Worldwide broadband speed league 2021, the United Kingdom has an average internet speed of 51.48 Mbps, ranking at number 43 out of the 224 countries included. However, if we compare this to the top three countries, which includes Jersey (274.27 Mbps), Lichtenstein (211.26 Mbps) and Iceland (191.8 Mbps), the UK is still 140 Mbps behind the third highest ranking country. 

    But how does each of the counties’ internet speed fare up against each other? 

    UK County Breakdown

    When we break down UK into counties, the fastest internet speeds appear in the City of London, Hertfordshire, and Surrey. The slowest internet speeds can be found in Dorset, Cumbria, and Cornwall.  

    uk internet speed

    Here is a list of the average internet speed in some counties across the UK: 


     County                                       Average internet speed (Mbps) 

    Dorset  32 
    Cumbria  33 
    Cornwall  34 
    County Durham  34 
    Isle of Wight  34 
    Somerset  34 
    Devon  35 
    Shropshire  35 
    East Sussex  36 
    Herefordshire  36 
    Norfolk  36 
    Northumberland  36 
    Suffolk  36 
    Derbyshire  37 
    Lincolnshire  37 
    North Yorkshire  37 
    Wiltshire  40 
    Kent  41 
    Lancashire  41 
    Worcestershire  42 
    Greater Manchester  44 
    Cheshire  45 
    West Sussex  45 
    Essex  47 
    Hampshire  47 
    Staffordshire  47 
    Buckinghamshire  48 
    East Riding of Yorkshire  48 
    Berkshire  49 
    Nottinghamshire  50 
    Warwickshire  50 
    Cambridgeshire  52 
    Northamptonshire  52 
    Gloucestershire  53 
    Leicestershire  53 
    Oxfordshire  54 
    Bedfordshire  55 
    Bristol  56 
    City of London  56 
    Hertfordshire  57 
    Surrey  59 


    Soured from Source: https://fairinternetreport.com/United-Kingdom 

    Patterns of Information

    The fastest 3 counties are home counties (Surrey, Hertfordshire and City of London) whilst as the average internet speeds drop, we notice that the counties are seen as a lot more rural and full of vibrant green space. 

    Once again, the digital divide is prevalent when we look at this list – those closer to the larger cities are benefiting from faster internet speeds, whilst those who chose to live in greener spaces are being forgotten about. 

    Whilst these speeds seem OK on the surface, when you start to think about the amount of hybrid working or home working that now occurs, and residents within the slower counties (Dorset, Cumbria or Cornwall) certainly notice the effects of slow internet. 

    Fibre Heroes currently covers 14 different counties in the UK with 20 towns now live or in the building stages for ultrafast internet connection. Almost 60 more areas will soon be announced. (what’s this in reference too) 

    Fibre Heroes Full Fibre Broadband

    Here at Fibre Heroes, we understand that internet speeds across the UK are nowhere near as good as they can be. We also know that large cities such as London have greater access to fast internet speeds, but Fibre Heroes is not here to bring better internet connection to these areas, we here for underdogs – the smaller and rural towns that are underserved or previously overlooked.  

    Ultrafast internet speeds could be installed in your area soon. Type in your postcode here to find out more. 

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