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    a Smaller ISP

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    Posted on: January 19, 2023

    If you’re hoping to make the switch to full fibre but unsure what internet service provider to choose for a trouble-free broadband connection, why not consider a lesser-known, smaller ISP?

    Whether you need home or business broadband, there are many benefits to choosing smaller ISPs including a more personalised service. Here are a few more reasons why a small ISP might be the best option for you:

    Customer focused

    One of the main advantages of opting for a smaller ISP is better customer experience.

    With smaller companies, if you have any questions or require technical support, you are less likely to be waiting to speak to an advisor.

    Most smaller ISPs are also set up to provide the support that larger ISPs are lacking, with a tailored and customer-focused service, which large ISPs are often not able to provide.

    Save money

    You will usually find that smaller ISPs offer cheaper and more straightforward options compared to their larger or nationwide competitors.

    Smaller ISPs also tend to focus more of their energy on customer retention, which means keeping costs as low as possible and rewarding loyalty.

    Avoid flashy service bundles

    Larger ISPs offer deals on their service bundles only for the first year and then go up (sometimes dramatically) after the offer has expired, with no incentives for long-term loyalty.

    Smaller ISPs, on the other hand, often make choosing the right deal easier without any complicated service bundles. They can offer similar bundles at a cheaper cost when you choose multiple services with them, too.

    Smaller ISPs don’t have the budget for large marketing campaigns so finding them may require a bit more research than the already established larger companies.

    They also may not be able to offer extremely low bundle rates during your first year but, despite these things, what smaller ISPs can offer is a customer-focused service, consistent costs, and long-term support. Now that’s worth considering!

    If you’re looking for a full fibre broadband package, research our ISP partners to see which package is perfect for you!

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