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    How to Save Money

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    Posted on: November 28, 2022

    The current cost of living crisis in the UK means a lot of people are struggling to keep up with bills including the cost of their broadband connection.

    Access to the internet access is now a necessity for most households because it allows people to communicate and earn a living. Here’s what you can expect from your internet bill and ways you can save money.

    What to expect from your internet bill?

    An internet connection is usually paid monthly through a broadband or mobile network provider. The monthly bill is fixed as per the contract agreed upon by you and your provider. This excludes any late fees or penalties for going over your data allowance if you receive mobile broadband.

    The amount you pay differs depending on the package and broadband provider you choose, your location, and the speed of your connection.

    Why might your internet bill go up?

    Your internet bill may increase every year of service which is usually stated in the terms and conditions of your contract. This is normally related to economic inflation or after an initial new customer price.

    However, if the cost of your internet connection increases without pre-warning, you have the legal right to end the contract without paying a penalty fee if your contract was started after January 2014.

    How can you save on your internet bill?

    Check to see if you’re still in contract

    It’s only since 2020 that both phone and broadband companies have to contact customers and warn them their contract is coming to an end at least 10 days before it happens. This change was implemented following a report by the industry regulator Ofcom that found that around 20 million people were still in expired contracts, which had automatically renewed.

    If you’re outside of the initial contract, it’s likely you’ll be paying more for their internet each month so it’s worth checking. If you’re still in a contract but think you can find a cheaper deal, you might want to work out if it’s cheaper to pay the early termination fee and switch.

    Ask your current provider what they’re offering new customers.

    If you find you’re out of contract but don’t want to switch, you might want to ask your provider what deals new customers are receiving. Again, recent changes sparked by Ofcom, mean that broadband providers now have to inform customers of any deals available.

    Ofcom highlighted that in 2019 out-of-contract customers were spending between £100 – £150 per year on average compared to new customers.

    Research to find the cheapest deal to suit you

    If you do want to switch, however, there are plenty of price comparison websites you can use find the best al on your broadband package. These include Broadband Deals, Money Supermarket and Uswitch which provide hundreds of options, so it pays to do your research.

    Ask your provider to price match.

    If you do find a better deal but don’t want to switch, it is always worth asking your current provider to match any deal you find. A recent poll suggested more than 8,000 people who haggled to force down with their existing provider were offered a better deal in 2021.

    Are you receiving the broadband speed you were sold?

    Did you know that if your internet speed isn’t reaching the speeds stated in your contract and the issue isn’t resolved within 30 days, you can cancel the contract without incurring a fee? It is always best to check you’re getting what you’re paying for.

    It’s important to know the terms of your contract, what you’re entitled to as a broadband customer, and what to expect from your internet bill. Knowledge is power and with that comes a way to save money or make it go further.


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